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Love our coffee? Now you can have it at home. Get the whole bean or have us grind it for you at no charge. We offer the flavors we use at the store but can get your Hogan Brother's favorite upon request.

Thunder Mountain

Beans from South American and Indonesian processed with a french roast create an assertive, robust flavor that will capture your attention. This is our dark brew.

Northern Italian Espresso

This espresso blend has been fashioned specifically to replicate the espresso coffees found in northern Italy. Bold but with a pleasant sweetness which is derived from the African coffees which are slow roasted. This coffee has all of the richness required in an espresso yet possesses a smoothness which is hard to find.

Strange Brew

It is an immensely robust and full-bodied coffee, which has no equal. Its taste and body can be controlled by brewing strength and may be consumed at any time during the day.

Private Stock Decaf

It is a unique and one of a kind decaffeinated coffee comprised of Swiss Water Process Sumatran and Mexican beans. This handcrafted blend delivers a rich and complex flavor with all of the taste and none of the caffeine. It is full bodied with medium acidity and a slight winey taste.


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